Ego is not real

“The distractions of the ego may seem to interfere with your learning, but the ego has no power to distract you unless you give it the power to do so. The ego’s voice is an hallucination. You cannot expect it to say “I am not real.” Yet you are not asked to dispel your hallucinations alone. You are merely asked to evaluate them in terms of their results to you. If you do not want them on the basis of loss of peace, they will be removed from your mind for you.” (T-8.I.2)

When it learns about ego, the mind often busies itself with casting about looking for what is ego in both its own and in other minds. This is just another one of the mind’s many distractions, one that serves to keep it focused on ego rather than atonement. The ego is not real. Its only reality is what the mind gives it.

When the mind withdraws belief from the judgments and activities of the ego, ego gradually winds down on its own, much in the way that a spinning fan will wind down after it’s unplugged.

Be patient, this can take time. Especially for those thoughts in which belief has been heavily invested. Remaining firm in the desire to experience peace while remaining open and willing to receive guidance and help will enable the process to unfold in the shortest and most fulfilling way.


About Jiffy Read

Twice a month I lead an ACIM group in eastern Massachusetts.
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